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Hey DeviantArt members!

Our current group RP is about life just after our heroes return from defeating Ultimecia. Other than the basis being that we are simply living out their lives as we think they would have after all the excitement, there really isn't too much of a plot.

I'm hoping you can all help out with that and pick an available character and join us in telling this story!

People currently needed for the RP (since they've already been placed in it and are doing things...) are: Selphie Tilmitt, Zell Dincht, Irvine Kinneas, Xu, (Rinoa Heartilly only if ShindaKaido wants to give her up), Ma Dincht, Seifer Almasy, Raijin, Cid Kramer, Dr. Kadowaki, and Fujin.

You can catch up on the story so far here: Life After the Second Sorceress War 1Quistis:
As the party wound to a close around her Quistis thought back over this latest Sorceress War. Thankfully, while it was bloody and people died because of it, it wasn’t quite so bad as the previous one - where Adel had ruled through fear and severe punishment, stealing children from their families causing others to send their children into hiding. Her own parents had been lost to that war as two able bodies who went out to defeat her, but never came home. Their daughter protected in a way by their sacrifice, yet lost to the winds without them near.
This one had been different, this war had been started by a Sorceress from the future, who apparently lacked the gift of foresight that was given Edea, so Ultimecia knew not what was coming. Quistis imagined that the vain Sorceress had thought of meeting resistance, but Quistis doubted she thought she would meet resistance specifically tailored to defeat her.
She sighed and leaned against the railing of the balcony she st
and here Life After the Second Sorceress War 2Rinoa:
“Of course!” Rinoa cut him off. “I think it is a great idea! You could find out more about yourself… maybe even fill in the pieces you never knew about yourself.” She stood up and tugged him over to the old woman. “Excuse us, Ma’am. Mind if we sit with you? We would love to talk with you. This is Squall. We believe you knew his parents? Laguna and Raine Loire?”
The woman looked up at them puzzled. “Raine?” She asked. Rinoa and Squall nodded in unison. The woman thought a bit, then agreed.
After helping Rinoa into her seat, Squall took a seat in between them. “So, umm..” He froze. He wasn’t even sure where to start. Introductions… that’s a good place to start. “Ahem.. My name is Squall. This is my girlfriend, Rinoa.” Rinoa smiled and gave a small wave.
The woman nodded in acknowledgement. “I am Agnes. It’s a pleasure.” Agnes looked
It is completely up to date.

Send the group or myself a note with what character you want to play and how active you think you can be!

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This should be a thing!
And this one sounds like fun!



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About Role Playing

For those who would like to join in the role play:
1: Pick a character or make one up.
2: Read the rules:…
3: FF8 Help Desk - FF8 Help Desk by Talliya

:bulletblue: If you choose a character that doesn’t actually have a name, please give them one.
:bulletblue: GF's and other creatures/animals from the game may be played as secondary characters. Like how Rinoa has Angelo.
:bulletblue: Original Characters (OC's) are allowed. But like everything else, they need approval.

:bulletwhite: = Character's that are up for grabs.
:bulletblack: = Character's that are already being played.
:bulletpink: = OC Character's that have been approved.


:bulletblack: Quistis Trepe ~:icontalliya: Talliya
:bulletblack: Ultimecia ~:iconsartanis: Sartanis
:bulletblack: Squall Leonhart ~:iconshindakaido: ShindaKaido

:bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange:

:bulletwhite: Zell Dincht
:bulletwhite: Cid Kramer
:bulletwhite: Edea Kramer
:bulletwhite: Seifer Almasy
:bulletwhite: Fujin
:bulletwhite: Raijin
:bulletwhite: Nida
:bulletwhite: Xu
:bulletwhite: Rinoa Heartilly
:bulletwhite: Irvine Kinneas
:bulletwhite: Selphie Tilmitt
:bulletwhite: Ellone
:bulletwhite: Laguna Loire
:bulletwhite: Ward Zabac
:bulletwhite: Kiros Seagill
:bulletwhite: Ma Dincht
:bulletwhite: Zone
:bulletwhite: Watts
:bulletwhite: Martine
:bulletwhite: Biggs
:bulletwhite: Wedge
:bulletwhite: NORG
:bulletwhite: Dr. Kadowaki
:bulletwhite: Instructor Aki
:bulletwhite: Library Girl with a Pigtail
:bulletwhite: Jack of Cards
:bulletwhite: Club of Cards
:bulletwhite: Diamond of Cards 1
:bulletwhite: Diamond of Cards 2
:bulletwhite: Spade of Cards
:bulletwhite: Joker of Cards
:bulletwhite: J. I.
:bulletwhite: M. S.
:bulletwhite: Vinzer Deling (dead by games end)
:bulletwhite: General Fury Caraway
:bulletwhite: Julia Heartilly (dead before game starts)
:bulletwhite: Mayor Dobe
:bulletwhite: Flo
:bulletwhite: Port
:bulletwhite: Selphie’s Friend
:bulletwhite: Lank
:bulletwhite: Familiar Face
:bulletwhite: Familiar Face 2
:bulletwhite: Familiar Face 3
:bulletwhite: Dr. Odine
:bulletwhite: Shumi Artisan
:bulletwhite: Adel (dead by games end)
:bulletwhite: Shumi Sculptor
:bulletwhite: Shumi Attendant
:bulletwhite: Shumi VillageElder
:bulletwhite: Lina
:bulletwhite: Chocoboy
:bulletwhite: Queen of Cards
:bulletwhite: Wimbly Donner
:bulletwhite: Piet
:bulletwhite: Raine Leonhart Loire (dead before game starts)
:bulletwhite: Miss Francesca DiMarco
:bulletwhite: Odell Burke
:bulletwhite: Zefer

Group Info

This group was made for:
:bulletblue: Role-playing Final Fantasy VIII characters.
:bulletgreen: FFVIII Artwork.
:bulletpurple: FFVIII Fan fiction.
:bulletyellow: And anything else FFVIII related.
:bulletred: OC's will be permitted as RP character's on approval.

Had the idea for this group from a Portal Day at :iconff7-rp:, I play Rude there... It's just WAY too much fun! :squee:
Founded 4 Years ago
Jan 19, 2013


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